Understand the benefits of dynamic signage through our Dsignage digital content management and distribution system

Communicating effectively and capturing attention requires digital and multimedia content and dynamic information that you can relay wherever you want.

However, managing this quantity of documents (texts, images, videos…), whether they are advertising or informative, requires the use of specific tools, especially as they must be able to broadcast on specific screens or display walls while adapting the content.

DSignage is a turnkey solution, simple and complete, which will allow you to boost your communication and attract the interest of your customers or inform your employees about new provisions.

What is digital signage?

Quite simply, these words define the fact of displaying dynamic information on digital screens, i.e. presenting messages that will evolve during the day and chosen by the communication or marketing department.

Dynamic signage allows communication to be finely tuned, opting for a “playlist” approach that rotates content among customers or employees.

This is extremely effective in terms of positive impact on customer relations and explains the growing success of digital signage systems.
Dynamic digital signage is based on the use of a content server that will adapt the broadcasting almost in real time.

The power of the cloud for content management

The strength of a software tool like DSignage is precisely to create but also to distribute all the content on different players, whether it concerns the digital screens present in public places but also on dedicated players such as tablets. We aim for a real personalisation of displays in the digital signage approach, which will produce a strong effect of engagement of your audience.

As all the screens and the content base are interconnected through a cloud, it becomes easy to manage the distribution, whether it concerns indoor or outdoor signage.

Inside a shop, the window displays can take advantage of a connection to the cloud to present information to the customer, engage them in a commercial process or announce events that will help them in their journey.

With DSignage, an efficient digital signage management solution, you can easily publish qualitative digital content on different players in real time, creating a real multi-site display network thanks to an ergonomic interface.

Why customise digital signage?

Because thanks to an interactive digital screen, you can choose absolutely what you want to showcase as digital content but also directly encourage interaction: this allows for a real promotion of your services and products.

When a message is calibrated specifically for a target and addressed to it, then its impact is greatly multiplied: it is a very powerful means of communication!

The intelligent display of data makes it possible to go much further than the classic presentation of content.

It is possible to :
– finely manage the data with a dedicated software tool such as DSignage
– establish an interactive connection with the dynamic digital display in real time
– customise the display almost infinitely thanks to easy updates
– tailor the message to the location and the people
– adapt the content according to sales and stock

The different display and dynamic signage solutions

As technology is constantly evolving, there are now several digital signage solutions for multimedia content that DSignage manages.

For example, there are :
– indoor display, which concerns screens installed within a shop or a company.
– outdoor display, which concerns screens subject to climatic and light variations: they must be particularly resistant
– window displays: a modern means of communication that conveys messages via one or more screens integrated into a window. Often equipped with an ergonomic interface, they can inform your customers or visitors about specific points.
– Video walls: these screens are very advanced and can even be adapted to the particular shapes of buildings! They offer an innovative display project and allow you to broadcast your messages with great impact.

the strength of digital signage tools like Dsignage

The strength of DSignage is that it is flexible in its day-to-day use and never forces you to use it in any way: it allows for open and evolving display projects and is thus positioned as a content management software totally adapted to the implementation of dynamic signage.

Moreover, it is also capable of managing interactive display, meaning that an action and/or response from the customer, employee or prospect is not only possible but encouraged!

With a simple Mac or PC computer connected to the cloud that contains all the digital content, you can use DSignage.

Given its ease of use, you can even train a content manager in a short time who will specifically manage the distribution according to the recommendations of the various departments of your shop or company.

Of course DSignage also allows you to work on the content and add digital effects, animated and dynamic messages, modify the text and the length of the sequences…

Understanding the value of a digital signage tool like DSignage

As you have understood, digital signage is a powerful communication tool that allows textual, visual or video content to be displayed in different ways.
On the other hand, it is necessary to be able to easily manage the contents because the main interest of a digital signage tool is to be able to update the display of information in real time, for example, in relation to a specific audience: your content management tool must therefore be efficient but also ergonomic and easy to use.

Boosting your communication thanks to the modern aspect that dynamic signage brings is a success factor to promote your products and services.

By using DSignage, you can manage your content as you wish by broadcasting it on an unlimited number of players, regardless of the original digital format. You can choose to display your messages on a single large screen or spread them across several. DSignage allows you to do it all, whether your display project is simple or very elaborate and involving several stages.

Some technologies related to Dsignage

– Touch screens: a technology called projected capacitive is used here, which provides a minimum reaction time so that the user has the impression of perfect fluidity
– LCD screens: very popular, this digital display technology can be found almost everywhere. It is much cheaper to produce than in the past.
– LED (light-emitting diode) technology: this makes it easy to illuminate LCD screens with pleasant colours and contrasts.
– Mirror” screens: this new technology is based on screens that reflect part of the light, making it possible to combine a reflected image with dynamic content display.

Some DSignage features

To inform your employees, engage your audience or inform your visitors, DSignage is a complete solution because it can integrate an unlimited number of users and digital content.
Thus, your communication department but also the marketing or sales departments will be able to intervene on the broadcasting of the content.
This will give you an extreme efficiency to promote services, announce events or even be in direct link with social networks.

What support does Elementi offer for dynamic broadcasting?

You will be able to create and broadcast prevention messages but also update advertising content in real time, change the broadcast mode to go towards multi-screen or simply write an information message for your employees in a few minutes.

Whether you need a wall of images in your real estate agency, to make your reception room more pleasant, or to set up an advertising control room, a digital signage software solution like DSignage will also adapt to all these different needs.

As you have understood, the very innovative side of digital signage, as well as basing your communication on digital signage, must be based on a high-performance, complete and, above all, scalable software solution, capable of integrating all technological advances.

With DSignage, you will benefit from all these advantages!