Way Finding or how to create a simple orientation screen

Way Finding ou comment créer simplement un écran d’orientation

Do you have a screen network available to your company or your points of sale and are you wondering what information you can communicate through it? Thanks to the “Way Finding” widget you can facilitate the orientation of your public in your premises.

Thanks to SpinetiX widgets, you can now easily create a wayfinding screen and display it on your TVs, screens or other displays. Way Finding allows you to display a list of events in different places or rooms on the screen. You can easily integrate in this widget the name of each event, each place, a description, arrows to indicate the direction to go… All the necessary data are extracted by the widget from a simple Excel file on your computer or from an online Google sheet and updated automatically once published. No advanced computer skills are required to use Way Finding, which takes care of the layout and distribution for you! Don’t deprive yourself of a way to make your communication more visual, simple but very impactful, and simplify the journey of your consumers or collaborators with Way Finding. 

Way Finding, a Spinetix tool for your digital signage. A time saving for your teams and an optimal efficiency for your communication. Thanks to Jumponline, don’t wait any longer to equip yourself with Spinetix technology.

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