Go further into the world of digital signage software with Elementi!

Are you looking for a simple, powerful and flexible display solution?

Our Elementi software solution is probably a very efficient answer to boost your digital content but also to broadcast interactive content and enjoy all the advantages of dynamic signage.

You can't afford to miss out on digital signage software!

Today, almost all content media are digital. In addition, there has been a massive influx of digital signage into the market. If your company, brand or shop doesn’t take advantage of this, you will quickly be perceived as a “has-been”…

Fortunately, Elementi, a signage software recognized as one of the best for managing and administering the dynamic or interactive content of a professional communication, is available: you will benefit from the many advantages of digital signage compared to static. Thanks to integrated software like Elementi, you will save time to easily display all your content on one or more LCD or LED screens.

Why choose digital signage software like Elementi for the distribution of digital and interactive content?

Simply because digital signage offers you almost infinite possibilities, both in terms of quality and the impact of the messages.

Elementi, for example, is designed to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your messages by displaying them optimally on video walls, in shop windows and on high-definition screens.

In addition, widgets, i.e. icons that indicate a possibility of interaction or an extension of the possibilities of the integrated player, are provided with Elementi, in order to reinforce the various content models that are available to you.

The practical side has not been forgotten, as the Elementi signage software solution (digital and interactive content management) is based on a high-quality ergonomic interface that is really easy to use.

What can Elementi deliver in terms of dynamic signage?

We could tell you everything or almost everything! As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Elementi can be installed on all your computers and does not require any particularly powerful configuration. It relies on a local server to carry out all its digital signage operations and can manage different players, integrated or not.

This digital signage software solution can thus manage the broadcasting of digital content on all your visual tools or screen parks but also control the interactive aspects by directly informing and reacting to your customers or visitors.

In addition, the distribution of dynamic feeds in real time, such as RSS feeds or information that changes according to the time of day or the state of a stock, is also managed by the Elementi software.

Why do we need digital signage software to deliver dynamic or interactive content?

Modern and innovative communication is achieved through digital signage on high-quality screens: it attracts the attention of visitors, customers or even your employees.

But once this goal has been achieved, it is absolutely essential that there are no technical problems: that’s why an optimised digital signage solution is necessary.

You can’t afford to ruin all your efforts in terms of content creation by broadcasting imperfections: the bandwidth must be managed continuously as well as the broadcasting, which must be done in real time on all the video walls or screens.

The Elementi signage software has been specially designed to meet very precise specifications in terms of the quality of the dynamic signage broadcast.

Is the display of social networks handled by the Elementi digital signage software?

Absolutely. Social networks have become an important part of brand, company and shop communication.

That’s why Elementi is able to display in real time what’s going on on your Facebook, Linkedin or even Instagram page: this is an important asset, especially to retain your younger customers.

As dynamic content management is fully integrated into our digital signage software, you can even display information, documents and news in real time as you broadcast excerpts, reactions or posts from the different accounts on your social networks.

What support does Elementi offer for dynamic broadcasting?

You will have access to a library of templates, i.e. graphic templates that you can choose from in complete peace of mind.

Then, all you have to do is fill them in with your images, videos and texts. You can even integrate infographics from software such as PowerPoint.

These templates have been created by communication professionals to ensure that they have a high impact on the public.

We have also added widgets, which are small programs that extend the functionality of Elementi when distributing interactive content.

Of course, all the content is secure, which means that the audience will not be able to modify the broadcast in any way, even if it is interactive.

All these features make Elementi digital signage software a must for real-time broadcasting of even complex digital content.