Spinetix: when a high quality digital signage player rhymes with simplicity!

If you want to display your multimedia content with exceptional broadcast quality but also benefit from high-end digital signage solutions, Spinetix is a dream solution!

Why should you communicate with digital signage?

One could answer in a simple way by simply saying that broadcasting dynamic content literally captivates visitors or customers, but also that personalising messages becomes extremely simple if you choose, obviously, a digital signage player that has a lot of prompts, and therefore, it is necessary to use innovative technologies to communicate effectively, i.e., so that messages are really perceived by your audience. It is the role of dynamic signage systems to respond to this need

Why do you need a digital signage player?

There are several reasons to use a player like Spinetix to broadcast your content on screens but also to be able to control it 24/7.

Firstly, the user experience is optimal because the delivery is smooth and optimised. Today, people are used to it. You can’t afford to present advertising messages, information, or even images with a low quality appearance.

Spintetix is a hardware solution in the form of a discreet, compact and silent box that you simply connect to your screen. It is practically “plug and play” and the broadcast will be reliable and secure. Indeed, security is the other advantage of a dedicated digital signage player.

If you choose to broadcast interactive content, visitors or customers will interact with the screens: it is therefore imperative that they cannot enter the broadcast software or influence the remote monitoring.

Spinetix has been in existence for more than 15 years and offers proven reliability: this is your guarantee of quality to broadcast safely on the screens of your choice.

Does the Spinetix digital signage player solution impose any hardware constraints?

No! Whether you want to use video walls, interactive terminals, giant screens or, on the contrary, gather small LCD screens, Spinetix adapts to all configurations!

This is its strength!

Able to be integrated into a local network, it is truly a visual communication solution based on a qualitative cloud that Spinetix will exploit to the full.

One could say that the Spinetix solution is the ideal answer as it is robust in its broadcasting but also has an intuitive management interface: you don’t need to be a computer genius to drive the display player.
Spinetix is a simple to use multimedia centre with “top of the range” functionality.

In addition, our various boxes are autonomous, robust, silent and particularly compact. They will never clutter up your broadcasting space.

Share whatever you want to convey with this dynamic display player. There is no limit to the use of Spinetix!

You can use these digital signage solutions anywhere you want: on a boat, in a shopping centre, in a shop aisle, but also in a waiting room or an office…

And as you can display images, texts but also infographics and films, you can personalise your messages to the extreme and thus make them particularly attractive to your audience.

In addition, the player is able to drive screens that incorporate sensors or are driven by data streams from outside.

This capacity reinforces the flexibility of the digital signage player and makes it suitable for use by all, especially as it can be controlled in real time.