Capture the attention of your audience and engage your prospects, inform your employees or teach your visitors. This is just one of the many applications of Jump Online’s digital signage solution.
A turnkey solution with an easy-to-use web interface, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your communication strategy.

Solutions DSignage : l'outil de gestion de contenus Cloud simple et évolutif


The simple and scalable cloud content management tool.

DSignage is a cloud-based digital signage content management tool.

It allows you to create and distribute the content you produce to an unlimited number of players. Without any digital format constraints, you can publish your content on one or more screens, a multi-site digital signage network or on the advertising screen of your shop window. An unlimited number of users and various content templates give you and your marketing team the possibility to manage your communication in a dynamic and structured way.


The simple and powerful digital signage software.

Elementi is the digital signage software we use to create the content templates for the DSignage tool. Its impressive catalog of professional and secure widgets allows you to create high-impact projects that fit virtually any screen combination.

Elementi : le logiciel d'affichage numérique simple et puissant
Solutions DSignage : l'outil de gestion de contenus Cloud simple et évolutif


The most robust digital media player on the market.

Our Spinetix broadcast box works independently of a PC. It is the multimedia center to organize the display of your content and broadcast them on your digital signage screens in real time.

No matter the source of your content, our player manages all types of digital formats. Solid, discreet, robust and compact, it consumes 50 times less energy than a traditional computer. The player is autonomous, which means that in case of failure, you will not have a black screen. With its plug & play technology, you just need to connect it to your network to access its web interface and start the dynamic display of your screens.

The right message, at the right time, in the right place

A turnkey solution with an ergonomic web interface, to save you time and allow you to focus on your communication strategy.


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