What is Spinetix technology used for?

SpinetiX is the leader in digital signage and display solutions. Its technology offers the means to bring each company’s story to life through digital displays. Create a link between your employees and your customers by immersing them in a digital signage universe.

Spinetix technology offers multiple application possibilities for you, your company, your points of sale… We create for you an impactful, intuitive, secure and collaborative digital environment. Whether it’s for your meeting rooms to become more collaborative and visual, to make your conference room versatile and adaptable or even to transform it into a boardroom by equipping it with a LED wall. SpinetiX technology immerses you in an unprecedented working and collaborative atmosphere. Equip your workspaces with state-of-the-art technology solutions, or transform your showrooms into impactful sales paths by focusing on visuals and storytelling. The field of possibilities is multiple, evolving and tailor-made to meet your desires and needs.

Are you looking for innovation, quality, optimal and dynamic visibility? SpinetiX is the best solution to create intuitive and intelligent spaces and to highlight your needs. Don’t wait any longer and contact Jumponline to boost your digital communication.

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